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As we know ,There is an old saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed.so I think a real good friend is someone who can help you when you are in trouble.he can share with your happiness and confort you when you are in sad .so we must design the real friendship by oueselves.We can get real friend by help each other!。

2. 以患难见真情为题写一篇英语作文

The Mid-Autumn Day

August 15th in ChineSe Lunar Calendar is the Mid-Autumn Day. It is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.

On that day people usually go back home to have family reunion. Each family will have the members get together to have a big dinner. The most popular food is moon cakes. They are round and look like the moon.

The moon is the brightest this night. People ate the delicious food while they were enjoying a beautiful full moon in their yard. At this time, some old people would like to tell many past events and tell the children a story about thO rabbit. The children really believed that there was a rabbit on the moon. They wanted to go to the moon and have a look one day.

3. 帮忙写个有关“患难见真情”的英语作文

Lost to know what is precious and I have a cold winter walk in the streets of Tianjin also only wear a suit, all year round now the only place in the skirt Guili as a display, even during the hot summer, Because I lost the most precious wealth - health, I am a bit of rheumatoid patients, so I lost all the opportunity to wear skirts! Remember that three years ago just Shengguohaizi not long, one day, unfortunately suddenly fell, half of the body can not move, joint pain unable to walk, sleep, because my children are still breast-feeding, breast-feeding fears impact of medication, not Renzhe To the hospital for an examination, has been going on for a week, the pain is really no way but to go to the hospital, who knows that his findings in the rheumatoid, was not aware of this terrible disease, access to relevant information to be aware of rheumatoid Fear and serious. Emergency weaning children every day in the major hospitals Qunxun, examination, treatment, Datan everywhere where there is vaccine or treatment, and since then I know what Chen Jiang, what is the anti-O, what is ESR, in hospital out-patient rheumatoid Can see all types of patients, and some can be said to be shocking. I was also very serious disease, the ESR of up to 72, the indexes are very bad, not walk, dress to help people at home and even have difficulty squeezing toothpaste, Wannianjuhui, had previously heard a long time without Xiaozai Bingchuang Qian, Moreover, the disease I have no sign of improvement, so I had to carry a burden of serious thinking, their very afraid that one day will really paralyzed in bed, then I very young children how to do » ! Fortunately, my parents and I, continue to encourage me, meticulous care for me, has given me confidence, there are a lot of my friends constantly concerned about the provision of information and experts in the treatment of rheumatoid doctor to me.。

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In human, although the people most difficult to understand, life in fate, although the good fortune to tease, inevitable wave of life, to confront difficulties, rain or shine all natural, a friend and partner, and then have the extraordinary warmth, for her many years, men are most afraid of the roots of anger, pity for his promise, always placed in the Lee brothers before the storm, the most sober, people see the truth being in trouble


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A friend in need is a friend indeed.In human, although the people most difficult to understand, life in fate, although the good fortune to tease, inevitable wave of life, to confront difficulties, rain or shine all natural, a friend and partner, and then have the extraordinary warmth, for her many years, men are most afraid of the roots of anger, pity for his promise, always placed in the Lee brothers before the storm, the most sober, people see the truth being in trouble。

6. 患难见真情英语作文120字

专业团62616964757a686964616fe78988e69d8331333335336533队数学之美第一时间为您解答: My definition of success Today I am very glad to be here to share with you my ideas of success. What is success? It is what everyone is longing for.Sometimes success would be rather simple. Winning a game is success; getting a high grade in the exam is success; making a new friend is success; even now I am standing here giving my speech is somehow also success.However, as a person's whole life is concerned, success becomes very complicated. Is fortune success? Is fame success? Is high social status success? No, I don't think so. I believe success is the realization of people' s hopes and ideals.Nowadays, in the modern society there are many people who are regarded as the successful. And the most obvious characteristics of hem are money, high position and luxurious life. So most people believe that s success and all that they do is for this purpose. But the problem is wether it is real success. We all know there are always more money, higher position and better condition in front of us. If we keep chasing them, where is the end? What will satisfy us at last? Therefore, we can see, to get the real Success we must need something inside, which is the realization of Different people have different ideas about success; cause people's hopes and ideas vary from one another. But I am sure every success is dear to everybody, cause it is not easy to come by, cause in the process of our striving for success, we got both our body and soul tempted, meanwhile we are enlightened by the most valuable qualities of human beings: love, patient, courage and sense of responsibility. These are the best treasures. So now I am very proud that I have this opportunity to stand here speaking to all of you. It is my success, cause I raise up to challenge my hope. What is success? Everyone has his owninterpretation as I do. But I am sure every success leads to an ever-brighter future. So ladies and gentlemen, believe in our hopes, believe in ourselves!。

7. 以患难见真情为题的英语作文


The real feel of yours only can be performed by your own hands n minds. If you are too weak to do so, try to put it off or, directly, give it up. Looking into the depth of your life, with your firends, your families, and your dearest loved, you will than find what you wanna to say :)

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9. 有关患难见真情的 英文短文、

I am very sad about my exams of the postgraduate students. Last year, I really experienced a lot. And I think I can get benefit from what I had exeprienced. Maybe that is necessary for me to my dream and essential to success in every walk of my life.

It is difficult for me to forget the days I prepared for the exams of postgraduate students.That was really hard work.I lent money from a friend and rented a small house.In the house I was alone to study,sleep,and so on.Compared with such poor conditions,I remembered how "prosperous" I was in my university.I am a outgoing girl.I love studying. I enjoy discuss questiones with my teachers and friends,no wonder how old he is .Even a stranger can become a teacher of mine.And I tried to help a friend to manage a supermarket which only sells mobile phones.I had learned more things that I couldn't get from my books.During my university,I wanted to realize my dream when I finished my studies.So I tried to improve myself.I had got more things that my classmates want to get but they not. To speak frankly,I had had more friends around me in my campus.But when I graduated from my college,who are still around me? What a pity! There are only several people.

Now I realize a friend in need is a friend indeed.So I will cherish my friends who are always around me. Fortunely,there are sevel friends near to me.When I feel disappointed ,they are active to give me suggestions and encourge me to go on!

hey,friendship needs love.If we cherish friends,we will success hand by hand.Nothing can stop us! All right,my friends?

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